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BasiClue.Com is another simple manifestation of my virtual works on the internet. Learn and start blogging since early 2016, and has managed at least 2 active sites so far.
  • http://looperz11.xtgem.com - A small site based on WAP or mobile oriented site, this is the first place where I learned making site from the very scratch.
  • Tech Basic Clue - is the current site based on blogger platform.
BasiClue.Com, our goal is to share easy "consumed" and light information about the Tech Basic Clue, where all contents derived from our own experience. It's not yet perfect, indeed subjective, but we try to deliver the information in more simple and easier way to comprehend. Along with the site growth, we hope to give you better information in the future. Contact Us : admin[at]basiclue.com Follow us on Twitter : @basiclues Facebook Fan Page : https://www.facebook.com/basiclue/